Tea in the Pot is a drop-in centre for women in Govan and beyond. Set up by Anne Keegan in 2005 after she completed an Oxfam-sponsored ReGender training course, the centre (which Oxfam helped to fund) enables women in this impoverished part of the city to meet, share their problems, learn new skills and find out about opportunities in the area. It has become a vital resource for many women.

Greater Govan is a very diverse area of inner-city Glasgow, home to 28,000 people and a large proportion of ethnic minorities and refugees. It is also an area of high deprivation and poverty. There are few opportunities for young people and there was no women's group in the area. In 1999 Greater Govan was designated as a Social Inclusion Partnership (SIP) area with the aim of tackling some of these problems and making the area a better place to live in. In 2001 the SIP began work with Oxfam's ReGender project, which aimed to support and train a grassroots group of women in Greater Govan.

Anne Keegan lives in Govan, one of the poorest areas in Glasgow. In 2004, Anne and a group of other women were keen to learn more about regeneration programmes and build a better place to live in. With the help of Govan's Social Economy Team and Oxfam, they put together a questionnaire to find out what local people wanted. Of 400 questionnaires put out into the area, 158 responses were received saying YES to a women's drop-in. The group was amazed that the drop-in centre was not there already, and they could not believe that the local regeneration programme had not asked women what they needed.

Anne is now part of a flourishing women's group called Tea in the Pot. It has its own premises and runs a drop-in centre in Govan. It supports women to feel more confident, and take the first gentle steps towards making a difference in their community. Anne says: ‘I realise now that it's not just lone parents who have difficulties. Before I would have let others ask the questions, but now I think, "If you don't ask, you don't get!" I am involved in regeneration meetings I would never before have had the courage to attend, had it not been for Oxfam's support. So 'get involved and make a noise!'


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