Tea in the Pot is a Drop-in & Support Service for women, and is run by women, for women.
We provide a safe relaxing atmosphere where women can meet up with old friends and make new friends.
We aim to support women to become actively engaged in their community; we want to enable women to identify and value their skills, experiences and talents - and to feel empowered and confident to share these with others.
Drop in for as little time as you wish - or stay for the whole day.
You may be coping with difficulties, or just feel under stress, or have health issues, or simply feel isolated with no one to talk to... You are more than welcome to join us - we've all been there!

  • Our drop-in days are twice-weekly on Mondays and Fridays from 9.30am - 2.00pm.
    • Tea in the Pot was the result of an Oxfam-sponsored Regender workshop in 2004 and out of that a small group of women put out 400 questionnaires to the local people about what was needed in the area, and 158 were in favour of a women’s only drop-in.
      Tea in the Pot today is run by volunteers, semi-skilled, skilled, professional women, who all have walked through the door of Tea in the Pot for their own particular reasons, and stayed to help others.
      We are that empty space for women between no man’s land; the step before professional help, or a place to go where there is no professional help. We are the arms and ears of comfort and compassion; we encourage and empower our women to rise above their troubles; empower them to say no to whoever or whatever; Tea in the Pot enables them to give confidence to other women and share their skills with others.
      Tea in the Pot is a room full of stories of humour, pain, and injustice. Women who have suffered, like all women all over the world, emotional and physical abuse, just because they ARE women. A room of healers, magic potions, counselling skills and techniques. No matter what culture, background, we are here for all women; we are whatever walks through our door.

      WE ARE “TEA in the POT”

      Ann McGhee (September 2013)