Tea in the Pot's AGM will be held on Wednesday 13th November 2013 at 10.30am in our room within the Pearce Institute. Please confirm your attendance.

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Survival of the richest?

Would all Teapotters & Agencies that use our services, please use YOUR voice by contacting your local council, councillors, MPs and MSPs regarding Tea in the Pot's fight for survival. Tea in the Pot has been running now for 8 years and is a much needed and very valuable service for Women. One of our members commented recently that it would be "FALSE ECONOMY" if we closed down, due to the pressures this would put on the NHS and mental health agencies who use our services.

Funding !

FUNDING APPLICATION DECLINED: Just another one to add to our list. Tea in the Pot has been used 2043 times in this past year, with numbers constantly increasing since it began in 2005. In today’s financial climate, all groups and charities are struggling, but Tea in the Pot has been in this position since it began, with major donors declining requests for core funding. OXFAM UKPP SCOTLAND has been our main supporter and financial MOTHER and we would not be here today without their continued support.


Visit from Miriam Gonzalez

Tea in the Pot were delighted to receive a visit from Miriam Gonzalez Durantez (wife of Deputy PM Nick Clegg). Grateful thanks to the Scottish Circle and Oxfam for making the night a great success. (17/9/13)

Mum & Daughter in a CLASS of their own!

Well done to our Cafe Manager Sandra, who will be starting Glasgow University this week doing a full time Community Development (BA) degree, as a result of gaining the University Certificate for the Activate Course held recently in Govan;
Good luck also to Sandra's daughter Keira, our young Artist, who is off to start a new career at Nottingham University next week, studying Fashion Design (BA Hons) degree. We wish them both well in their new ventures, from all at Tea in the Pot.

Oxfam on Scottish Economy debate - OUR ECONOMY

Central Scotland SNP MSP John Wilson leads a members debate on Oxfam's report on the Scottish Economy

John Kane visit to Tea in the Pot

On 30th August, we had a visit from Councillor James Adams, together with John Kane, the newly selected Labour Candidate for the Govan Ward for the forthcoming by-election, to discuss constituency matters and independence.


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