We are in desperate need of a new computer - the two that we have are very old, and one is becoming unusable. If you know of anyone anywhere who might be able to donate a new computer (or two), we would be most grateful. Please email us at teainthepot@yahoo.co.uk or telephone 0141-425-1709 and leave a message. Thank you.


Huge thanks to Kate from Carr Gomm who made and kindly donated this lovely big Easter Egg for us to raffle at Easter Time - it is packed with goodies - don't forget to buy a raffle - you need to be in it to win it!


Kate demonstrates the Wonder Box

On Friday 13th February, we had a visit from Alan from the Poverty Truth Commission, and Faith in the Community, where he demonstrated a Wonder Box idea - cooking with bean bags basically! What a fantastic idea, yet so simple! Caroline, one of our Volunteers has been using one for the past few weeks and saves £5 per week on electricity. Definitely worth a try......the women loved it.....


Friday 13th February at 11am - WONDER BOX (cooking demo)

Wednesday 11th March - International Women's Day - FENG SHUI TALK 11am till 1pm - FREE EVENT but please register to attend


This past week, Tea in the Pot have received several complaints from members who have been told by the mental health organisations supporting them, that they have been removed from their list, mainly due to non-attendance. However, their non-attendance was due to terminal illness, hospitalisation and coping issues. We are very disappointed that it all comes down to money!


We recently had a visit from Hannah Brackston from the REMEMBER MARY BARBOUR campaign, who wanted to include and get some feedback from our members on the type of statue / sculpture of Mary Barbour that would be best for Govan, and also the best location for this. The main suggestions were for a statue to be placed at Govan Square at the cross, or alternatively inside the foyer of the Pearce Institute.


After deductions, Tea in the Pot women raised £403 from our recycling project, buying of Xmas tea party tickets, hamper & other raffles, Xmas gifts and selling of home-made natural room sprays. Thanks to everyone who contributed and who made this possible.

Winners of the Christmas Hampers

The raffles for our 2 big Christmas Hampers were drawn on Monday 15th December. The winners are:-
Sadie from Ibrox and Maureen from Tollcross. CONGRATULATIONS!

Table Top Sale December 2014

Santa's elves at our recent table top sale

10 Years on - Launch Event - 10th December 2014

Maria Feeney, Sociology Lecturer at UWS Paisley Campus with Ann McGhee and Anne Keegan
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