Thank you to EVERYONE who attended our Psychic Fundraiser Night, it was very well attended. A BIG thank you to June L Harrison and Friends (Psychic Events Company) and to the 10 Mediums who came along to support Tea in the Pot.

Raffle Ticket winners - numbers below:-
1st - 351
2nd - 521
3rd - 841
4th - 411


Visit from MSP Bob Doris

Thanks to MSP Bob Doris who popped in yesterday for a cuppa and a good natter....with the women telling him what a lifeline Tea in the Pot is, and what it means to their lives and how it reduces isolation and loneliness.......


June L Harrison and Friends Psychic Mediums are hosting a fundraising night for Tea in the Pot on Thursday 25th June 2015 from 5pm until 9pm in the Pearce Institute, 840 Govan Road, G51 3UU. There will be 7 Mediums doing private readings - £15 for a 15 minute reading. To book your ticket you pay a deposit of £5 and then pay the other £10 on the night to your Medium. . This night is open to anyone, male and female. Any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.

STV Glasgow News Link to Tea in the Pot's piece on 6 April 2015

Govan Women's Group Needs Funds to Continue Services

Tea in the Pot Report - March 2015

This is a report on the work of Tea in the Pot which has been produced by the School of Media, Culture and Society at the University of the West of Scotland. It is based on research which was carried out by Maria Feeney, and which has been written up and extended by Maria working in collaboration with Chik Collins.


Thank you

Thank you to Vertical Financial Services via Mikaela Jade and Darren, who popped into our drop-in on Friday with donations of teabags/coffee/hot chocolate etc. Very generous of them - thank you very much, and also to Suzanne Siparis who popped in to donate a reconditioned laptop that she doesn't use. People are very kind, thank you. We still need new computers, since the existing ones are way over 10yrs old and causing us big problems. If anyone knows anyone who can donate new computers for our drop-in it would be much appreciated, thank you.


We are in desperate need of a new computer - the two that we have are very old, and one is becoming unusable. If you know of anyone anywhere who might be able to donate a new computer (or two), we would be most grateful. Please email us at or telephone 0141-425-1709 and leave a message. Thank you.


Huge thanks to Kate from Carr Gomm who made and kindly donated this lovely big Easter Egg for us to raffle at Easter Time - it is packed with goodies - don't forget to buy a raffle - you need to be in it to win it!


Kate demonstrates the Wonder Box

On Friday 13th February, we had a visit from Alan from the Poverty Truth Commission, and Faith in the Community, where he demonstrated a Wonder Box idea - cooking with bean bags basically! What a fantastic idea, yet so simple! Caroline, one of our Volunteers has been using one for the past few weeks and saves £5 per week on electricity. Definitely worth a try......the women loved it.....


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